Trading Services

With access to numerous energy markets, we support our commodity partners’ efforts to seize opportunities by offering them knowledge, structured products and market infrastructure they otherwise would not have access to.

Employing either fixed price deals or profit-sharing agreements we match products to needs, empowering partners to take advantage of forthcoming market changes and consequent market opportunities.  

»Business relations with our trading partners are based on mutual trust and respect. GEN-I always strives to make steps towards fulfilling a partner's needs and to establish a strong, long-term cooperation that will bring synergies to both parties – our partners and GEN-I.«
- Andreja Zupan
Trading Director

Portfolio Management

Managing a portfolio effectively requires active monitoring of the European market, an understanding of regional fundamentals and a significant pool of trading partners. We use the experience gained from managing our own global portfolio to effectively manage our partners’ portfolios. Portfolio optionalities, efficiencies and risk structure need to be continuously analysed and managed in line with market changes. Our aim is to identify opportunities and to benefit from market changes, while at the same time managing market risks.

Balance Group Management

Efficient balancing is a crucial part of the energy value chain. Active management of our balance group deviations, offset by imbalances from the large pool of counter-parties, along with analytical support with consumption/production forecasts, provides our industrial clients, utilities and producers with meaningful savings and competitive advantages through flexibility and cost optimization.

Intraday Operation

Increased generation from renewables, with its progressively volatile patterns, is gaining influence on the electricity market. Our 24/7 cross-border intraday trading, based on fundamental analysis and advanced forecasting, actively exploits optimization of opportunities and provides huge potential in our portfolio management for the tailor-made, value-added solutions and market services that we offer to trading partners, industrial clients, utilities and producers.

With around-the-clock trading activities across international markets, we manage the price risks resulting from volatile markets in order to support our partners’ efforts to capitalize on opportunities. A prompt response to market changes is a crucial basis for value-adding intraday service.

Intraday Operation

Demand Response

Rapid response of electricity generation and consumption is becoming ever more important. Seizing the opportunities of your flexible resources in the intraday and balancing markets, as well as participation on the tertiary and secondary reserve markets in our pool, is straightforward. With a state-of-the-art solution for virtual power plants, we manage load and production to allocate additional – usually underutilized – revenues.