Robert Golob, Ph.D. - "Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 for Eastern Europe” in the Energy category

The pan-European publication European CEO has awarded Robert Golob, Ph.D., President of GEN-I’s Management Board, the title "Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 for Eastern Europe" for his expertise, skills and leadership in the Energy category.

The renowned pan-European corporate publication European CEO has been recognizing outstanding success and leadership since 2009, and this year included the category "Entrepreneur of the Year" for the first time in order to recognize outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. Mr. James Watson, the head of the “Entrepreneur of the Year Awards” said, “The motivation behind creating this category as part of the awarding criteria is that entrepreneurs are visionaries who are instrumental in the success of a business. These awards recognize those special traits that make successful entrepreneurs so inspiring.”

The voting procedure started in December 2015. Mr. Golob was nominated from an initial group of 17 candidates put forward by the corporate audience of the publication, and was then short listed into the top four based solely on the votes he received. During the final stage, the judging panel (comprising the European CEO magazine and a jury boasting more than 230 years of business journalism expertise) reviewed Mr. Golob's answers to their questionnaire, his standing within the business community and his achievements in driving GEN-I forward. They made their final decision based on this, and awarded him the important title “Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 for Eastern Europe" in the Energy category.

Read the interview in European CEO.

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