Poceni elektrika (Affordable electricity) wins its 30,000th customer

The well-established Poceni elektrika (Affordable Electricity) brand for households and small businesses, first launched in 2009, celebrates its 30,000th customer these days. The milestone was marked with the launch of the improved www.pocenielektrika.si website, which is now even simpler to use, as it takes customers under 4 minutes to complete the form for changing electricity suppliers.

"After publicly announcing that we will freeze our prices until 30 June 2012 and following price rises introduced by competitors, we recorded a sharp increase in demand from customers who wanted to switch suppliers and our call center was receiving over three hundred calls per day this summer”, says Robert Golob. He also adds that “autumn is the time when new contracts are signed for the supply of electricity to small businesses – a customer segment that unfortunately has yet to experience the benefits of competition, which is why many small businesses are still paying too much for their electricity."


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