GEN-I Zagreb ranks among top 10 Croatian exporters

GEN-I Zagreb ended 2017 with EUR 158 million in export-driven revenues, an increase of 57.8% relative to the previous year, and thus ranked a very respectable eighth place on the list of Croatian exporters. By pursuing an appropriate strategy and adapting to the Croatian energy market, GEN-I generated the highest revenues from exports among all electricity suppliers.

Source: Poslovni dnevnik and Bisnode d.o.o.

The company’s objective is to increase its share of transactions on the Croatian market through an affordably priced range of electricity and natural gas products tailored to the needs of customers, fast and efficient services, notification of customers about the possibility of switching suppliers and the expansion of its range of products and services. One example of the expansion of the company’s range of innovative services is the option to purchase electricity produced from solar power plants that GEN-I began offering customers on the Croatian market this year, confirmation of the entire GEN-I Group’s commitment to green energy and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

GEN-I’s focus on the Croatian market is on the sale and supply electricity to small and medium-sized enterprises and households, while the GEN-I Group intends to become the most progressive and largest player on the energy markets of Southeast Europe. The Group’s objective is to remain the first choice for all segments in the energy chain through the optimization of production, energy consumption and trading, which it does by balancing global trading principles and adapting to local markets, through its innovative approach and by entering into long-term partnerships.

Innovative is the main characteristic of the GEN-I Group, and as a part of the Group, GEN-I Zagreb is prepared to channel its knowledge and experience into innovations that are urgently needed on the Croatian market.

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