GEN-I wins again

GEN-I’s Poceni elektrika (Affordable Electricity) team was once again awarded the “Customer Friendly Supplier” title at the Innovation in Energy – Revolution in Business conference, which was held at Brdo pri Kranju.

The title was awarded based on market research that was conducted using the “mystery shopping” approach. This gives researchers insight into the way organizations treat consumers by approaching them disguised as imaginary consumers, so-called “mystery shoppers.” These imaginary customers placed calls to the Affordable Electricity call center and to other general switchboard numbers of individual organizational units and the company’s registered office in Slovenia. They also contacted the team by email using a pre-defined scenario in order to gain information on the way customers are treated – from first contact, greeting, introduction and employees’ skill levels, to the way employees resolved the customers’ problems, the compliance of the company’s operations with industry standards, the use of sales techniques and familiarity with the product itself.

Martin Novšak, Vice President of the Management Board, and Majda Volk, Head of Customer Services (Affordable Electricity), accepting the award on behalf of GEN-I:

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