GEN-I was awarded the coveted title “Customer-Friendly Electricity Supplier” for the second time running

Robert Golob is convinced that the proposed merger of HSE and GEN energija has not been thought through properly and does not merit the government's support. “This is yet another attempt by some ministry officials to use the current tension in the energy sector to bring down the second energy pillar. In a properly functioning state such a proposal would never be supported by the majority of politicians. The merger of both energy pillars would mean weaker competition on the supply market for Slovenian consumers, resulting in considerable electricity price increases”, says Robert Golob, president of the management board. Weaker competition in the management of energy investments will have even more profound long-term effects. As there are two independent views on the future development of the energy sector, the government should be able to see that TEŠ6 is a questionable, risky and extremely costly project, for which there are no private investors. However, there are plenty of candidates who are eager to participate in the construction of NEK2. “If the two energy pillars are merged, the entire affair will be covered up, and we will once again witness the political talk and poor management that we are seeing now with HSE. But the most unfortunate thing about all this is that in the end, taxpayers and electricity consumers will be the ones to foot the bill. The consequences of poor decision-making will fall on consumers, which is why the government should seriously rethink the planned measures” says Robert Golob about the renewed attempts to merge the two energy pillars.

GEN-I is a “Customer-Friendly Electricity Supplier”

GEN-I’s Poceni elektrika (Affordable Electricity) team was once again named “Customer Friendly Electricity Supplier” at the 2nd meeting of energy market participants entitled Innovation in Energy – Breakthrough in Business Sustainability, which was held at Brdo pri Kranju in the late afternoon yesterday. “This award is a double confirmation of our employees' good work: because it is the second award this year and because Poceni elektrika (Affordable Electricity) stands for affordable prices – an approach that is not necessarily associated with quality. This is another proof that our services stand out not only because of their affordable price, but also because of their quality. This victory means a great deal to us”, says Robert Golob on the significance of winning the coveted title once again.

The title was awarded based on market research that was conducted using the “mystery shopping” approach. This gives researchers insight into the way organizations treat consumers by approaching them disguised as imaginary consumers, so-called mystery shoppers. GEN-I achieved the best results of all the suppliers of natural gas and electricity who were included in the research. The imaginary customers placed calls to the Affordable Electricity call center and contacted the team by email using a predefined scenario in order to gain information on the way customers are treated – from the first contact, greeting, introduction and employees’ skills levels to the way employees resolved the customers’ problems, the compliance of the company’s operations with industry standards, the use of sales techniques and familiarity with the product itself. (The research was designed and conducted by Skrivnostni nakup, d.o.o.)

The merger of energy pillars will come at a cost to all taxpayers

“I am convinced that the merger should not happen because the arguments used to justify it are completely unfounded. There are only two real reasons behind it: to silence the ‘nuclear option’ and redirect the investment potential of GEN energija into TEŠ6, and to destroy the competition on the market so that electricity prices can begin rising again. I cannot imagine that such an imprudent measure would even get through the inter-ministerial consultation, let alone be coordinated with the Competition Protection Office, as I am sure that Mr. Soršak of the Competition Protection Office is keeping a close eye on the situation. At first glance, it would seem that this measure could ‘solve’ the problems faced by the Slovenian government, as it would take the debate surrounding the investment in TEŠ6 away from the public eye, but Slovenian taxpayers would end up paying for this solution for years to come in the form of higher electricity bills. It would be more appropriate and strategically more prudent for the government to first resolve the situation at HSE and then start a public debate on the merger of individual business functions so that ‘rewards’ go to those who deserve them and not the other way around”, says the president of GEN-I’s management board, Robert Golob.

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