GEN-I Vienna successfully participates in tenders

GEN-I Vienna successfully passed technical prequalification for participation in tenders issued by the transmission system operator, Austrian Power Grid (APG), for tertiary control power in Austria, which will facilitate the generation of added value and earnings by GEN-I’s large business partners.

The partnership with APG strengthens GEN-I’s reputation as a reliable and innovative player on the international electricity market. To date, mostly major producers and power plants were active on the tertiary control power market. The signing of an agreement therefore represents a significant milestone, which also brings GEN-I’s large industrial customers in Austria a new opportunity to generate additional revenue on the market.

APG is responsible for activating power controls with the aim of maintaining the stable functioning of the electricity grid. Deviations that arise in the event of the failure of or problems with any power plant must be compensated for with reserve capacities in the shortest time possible. APG therefore organizes weekly and daily tenders for any market participants that meet specific technical and contractual conditions. This accreditation confirms that GEN-I Vienna meets both the technical adequacy and prescribed security standards of cooperation in full.

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