GEN-I to supply Dubrovnik Airport and the Croatian postal service

Zagreb, 2 November 2016 – GEN-I Zagreb is well on its way to achieving its business plan for 2016, which envisages the sale of 405,806,000 kWh of electricity on the Croatian market. Of that amount, 150 GWh relates to small business customers and households. In the last two years alone, the company has been selected as the most favorable bidder in two public tenders, for the Dubrovnik Airport and the Croatian postal service, and has thus once again proven itself as a competitive supplier.

GEN-I Zagreb has been selected via a public tender issued by the Dubrovnik Airport as the supplier of the latter’s electricity for a period of one year. Cooperation will begin on 1 December 2016, when GEN-I will start supplying 6,736,275 kWh of electricity valued at HRK 2,787,392.82. GEN-I Zagreb also continues its successful two-year collaboration with the Croatian postal service, and will continue supplying electricity, based on a new agreement, for a period of one year beginning on 1 November 2016. During that time, the company will supply 20,006,933 kWh of electricity valued at HRK 8,147,944.53.

“The conclusion of the agreement with the Dubrovnik Airport and the continuation of cooperation with the Croatian postal service is confirmation of GEN-I Zagreb’s position as a major supplier of large customers that provides innovative products and superior quality services at a competitive price,” said Dejan Paravan, Ph.D., Executive Sales Director for the GEN-I Group. “Based on such an approach, we are confident that we will achieve our established business objectives by the end of the year.”

Even lists of the most successful companies confirm the company’s results: with revenues of €1.8 billion, GEN-I ranked fourth in 2015 on the list of the 50 largest companies in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.* The GEN-I Group also places on the list of largest companies in Central Europe,** where it jumped from 137th place to 90th place during the current year. That progress is based primarily on increased trading volumes and increased natural gas sales.

* Bisnode Southern Markets, Bisnode Southern Markets Bulletin, August 2016/** Deloitte CE TOP 500 2016



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