GEN-I somes second in Risk&Energy Risk commodity rankings

Energy market professionals award top scores for quality of GEN-I Group services

GEN-I Group, one of the leading electricity trading companies in Central and Southeast Europe, has received another prestigious award. In a survey conducted by Risk & Energy Risk, GEN-I Group was ranked second among electricity providers in Southeast Europe, two places higher than in 2013.

In a survey comprising more than 1,600 responses, participants voted for their top three trading companies or brokers from any market sector in which they have been active during the course of the year. These results are not an indication of market share, but rather point to how market professionals rate the quality of services provided by fellow professionals, something which gives the survey additional importance.

The Risk & Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2014 survey covers a range of sectors and provides an evaluation of renowned companies such as Société Générale, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Axpo, E.ON Energy Trading, etc.

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