GEN-I remains the most favourable energy provider on the market

Only two months after its entry into the market of natural gas, GEN-I has received over 20,000 applications from new customers, thereby reaching a 20% market share in Slovenia. At the same time the company has also gained 20,000 new customers in the electricity market and is expected to supply more than 74,000 households by the 1st of December 2012.

We hosted Dr Philip E. Lewis from the VaasaETT Institute
As its CEO and founder, Dr Lewis has led VaasaETT to become a world leading source of expertise, data and analysis on a range of issues including utility customer loyalty and switching trends, residential household electricity and gas prices, effective demand response programmes and effective competition and marketing in liberalised energy markets.

Dr Lewis is a globally renowned expert in the field of customer switching and loyalty. His World Energy Retail Market Rankings report is the leading authority on customer switching trends and analysis around the world, and his definition of customer switching has been adopted as the norm within Europe and Australia.
According to the results published by the VaasaETT Institute, GEN-I has managed to set a world record in customer switching in the field of gas.

Dr Philip E. Lewis, statement:
"Until now, according to the market leading and annual Vaasaett global utilies switching research project, the highest recorded switching attributed to any one switching campain for electrcity or gas, in any liberalised market in the world was approximately 5% of the Republic of Ireland residential market in one month achieved by Borgais. GEN-I's recent Poceni plin campain won a provisional 10% of the market in an incredible two week period. Given the expected concersion rate from provisional signups to confirmed signups, VaasaETT comfortably concludes the GEN-I campaign was the most successful switching ever recorded in Europe and in fact the World."

GEN-I commits to remain the friendliest and at the same time the cheapest energy provider for its customers!

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