GEN-I ranks first in the Risk & Energy Risk survey

Energy sector experts have voted the GEN-I Group the best electricity trader in Eastern Europe, further solidifying GEN-I’s position as one of the most progressive players on the European energy market.

As part of the Risk & Energy Risk survey, the GEN-I Group captured first place in the “Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2017” in the category “Eastern Europe – power dealers”. This is the most prestigious recognition to date of the excellence of the operations and services of the GEN-I Group, which also recorded remarkable results in the past, after ranking second among Eastern European electricity traders for the previous three years. In addition to the aforementioned success, the GEN-I Group also ranked fourth in the Risk & Energy Risk survey among all European electricity traders this year, when it surpassed many big names in European trading, including Alpiq, the RWE Group, Enel, Société Générale, the Edison Power Group and Goldman Sachs. With this year’s rankings, the GEN-I Group has further solidified its position as one of the most progressive players on the European energy market.

“We are proud of the fact that our business partners and experts from various industrial sectors who participated in the survey recognized GEN-I as the best trader in the region. Through the constant development of innovative services and investments in knowledge, advanced market analysis and portfolio management, we strive to be one step ahead of the competition at all times, which first place in the survey no doubt confirms,” said member of GEN-I’s Management Board, Igor Koprivnikar.

With its range of flexible services and structured risk management products, adapted to the needs of its business partners, the GEN-I Group has recorded another significant milestone. Its ranking is an extraordinary achievement that confirms the GEN-I Group's commitment to maintaining just the right balance between global trading and local supply activities. That balance ensures the necessary flexibility and a timely response to changes on volatile European energy markets.

Those participating in the survey voted for the three best suppliers from a given category with whom they worked during the year. The results of the survey are not a reflection of market shares, but rather an indication of how market experts view the entire range of services of companies included in the survey, which gives even more weight to those results. 

Interview on with member of GEN-I’s Management Board, Igor Koprivnikar 

Photograph: Presentation of recognition to the GEN-I Group at this year’s Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2017 award ceremony in London (Andreja Zupan, Ludvik Bartelj, Ph.D., Igor Koprivnikar, Ph.D. and Tomaž Oštir).

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