GEN-I Group the cheapest electricity supplier for households in 2013

For the 5th year in the row, GEN-I Group has been the cheapest electricity supplier in all groups of consumption for household consumers.

Recently, Energy Directorate announced the results of the annual report "Analysis of the price of electricity by household customers depending on the chosen supplier for 2013". The purpose of the report is transparent display of monthly electricity bills of characteristic power consumers compared to all suppliers in the electricity market in Slovenia in 2013.

In accordance with the analysis results GEN-I was again the cheapest supplier in all groups of the electricity consumption for households in 2013. This means that ever since its entry into the energy market in 2009 the company has kept the position of the cheapest supplier in the segment.

Since the initial 1900 household customers in 2009, GEN-I has recorded already 103,550 customers in May 2014 - a total of 98,453 customers among households and 5,097 among small businesses, thus fulfilling the promise to Poceni elektrika brand customers to provide the most favorable electricity prices in the long run.

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