GEN-I, as the first trading company to obtain an electricity supply licence in Macedonia

In accordance with its ambitious goals and corporate strategy in the markets of Southeast Europe, GEN-I has been expanding its operations and getting ready to diversify supply activities in Macedonia for those business customers who are connected to the distribution network. In addition to electricity and gas trading licences, its new subsidiary, the GEN-I Energy Sales DOOEL Company, which was established for this purpose, also obtained an electricity supply licence on 29 July 2013, thus being the first foreign independent supplier to be granted this licence in Macedonia. The first supply of electricity will be provided to select eligible corporate consumers, namely those who employ at least 50 persons and generate an annual turnover of more than 10 million EUR, in 2014, when the Macedonian market is also formally opened to this segment of consumers.

The GEN-I Group will considerably strengthen its presence in the Macedonian market where, among suppliers, GEN-I DOOEL Skopje has, since the beginning of this year, had the biggest market share in electricity trading and sales activities to consumers that are connected to the transmission network. Until further notice, GEN-I will be operating in the Macedonian market with two companies, which in view of the specifics of some international tenders, will provide the Group with additional advantages and enable further optimization and even more efficient business operation which will result in benefits for customers and business partners of GEN-I in Macedonia.

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