Discussion for producers of energy from renewable sources and cogeneration plants

Around eighty guests attended GEN-I's 2nd Event for Producers who use Renewable Energy Sources and High-Efficiency Cogeneration Plants, which was held at the company's headquarters in the new GEN energija building in Krško. Discussions resulted in the resolution to submit an initiative to the Ministry of the Economy, calling for a new and more dynamic pricing model for electricity produced from renewable energy sources in Slovenia.

The host and general manager of GEN energija, Martin Novšak, stressed the commitment of GEN energija and its subsidiary GEN-I to promoting sustainable development and low carbon technologies:  “There is still a great deal of work that needs to be done before we can generate the majority of our electricity from renewable energy sources. But in the mean time, we should make sure that our investments in energy production facilities do not take us in the completely opposite direction. "

GEN-I’s event brings together producers who use renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration plants and introduces them to professionals from the relevant ministries and other prominent institutions. This creates an interaction that has positive effects on the development of the sector. “If we want to increase production from renewable sources and at the same time attract new investors, we must have more discussions on this topic and remove any obstacles and differences that arise in association with it in a quicker and more practical way, but most importantly, we must offer good purchasing prices. GEN-I has been doing this since 2006 but the market will be more just if the price is determined in a dynamic way”, explains Robert Golob, president of GEN-I’s management board. The participants discussed the current model, which envisages a purchasing price of 10% above the German price for electricity produced from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration plants in Slovenia. They also found that in order to create more just market conditions, a dynamic model is needed – one that would better reflect changing market conditions by bringing the basis for the price calculation in line with the price in Germany each year, but then increasing it by the actual price of cross-border transfer capacities. “The most important thing is to ensure that incentives for renewable energy sources do not violate single market rules. EU Member States currently use two financial systems to encourage the use of renewable energy sources: a system of quotas (to promote supply based on renewable energy sources) and a system of fixed prices. The initiative drafted by participants of GEN-I's meeting today is very good for the promotion of purchases from renewable energy sources" says Mr. Golob.   Participants were joined by a number of experts, including: Bojan Kuzmič and Andrej Špec from the Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, Silvo Škornik from the Energy Directorate at the Ministry of the Economy and Stane Merše from the Energy Efficiency Center at the Institut Jožef štefan. The discussion revolved around issues such as obtaining declarations, investing in new production facilities, and a range of other procedures and common dilemmas faced by producers. Most participants also took the time to visit the new multimedia center Svet energije (Energy World).







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