Energy Efficiency

In times of climate change and increasing energy costs, every company has the responsibility to find a way to optimise its energy consumption. 

Financial stimulation of energy efficiency with funds obtained in tenders for grants can be very effective and have a positive impact, both on the environment and on a company's financial results. With an extensive overview of the current regulatory requirements and tenders we can offer our partners comprehensive information about reducing energy consumption, and about how to successfully obtaining financial resources. 

Our projects in the field of energy efficiency are long-term projects providing a number of solutions which can be further developed and supplemented over the years. Thus, in the long term companies can themselves reduce their energy consumption and thereby lower their costs. 

»With energy efficiency, companies can reduce their energy costs and at the same time contribute to the reduction of pollution. Since companies are not fully aware of these measures and particularly as these measures are also difficult to implement, we help our partners through our experience and expertise.«
- Dejan Paravan, Ph.D.,
Chief Innovation Officer at GEN-I