Highly qualified experts

The GEN-I Group comprises a team of more than 470 young, highly educated professionals from different European countries. The share of employees with a doctorate or a master's degree (7.3%) is above average, while three-fourths of employees have acquired at least post-secondary school education. The GEN-I team is young with average employees aged 35. 



A comprehensive collection of knowledge from different fields

Success in a dynamic and complex energy business is only possible with an elite team of experts from wide variety of disciplines. Our experts excel in superior knowledge of the energy markets, in-depth analytical and prognostic know-how, sovereign risk management and dedication.

Through the development of complex mathematical algorithms to predict market changes, price trends and weather forecasts, an experienced team of mathematicians, physicists and engineers transform changes into opportunities that ensure our partners reliable service, reduce their risks and increase the added value of their business.

»We believe that our employees are the real and most valuable asset in our business. We do not just invest in employees merely from a financial perspective, but we also give them the opportunity and the power for their personal development. They are also given managerial support for their proposals and ideas.«
President of the Management Board of GEN-I


Extensive growth in the number of employees

Ever since its establishment, GEN-I Group has been intensively expanding its team. Our growth is consistent with the Group's business plans and daring business moves, the expansion to new markets and adding new brands.

It is thus always a pleasure to welcome new, reliable and professional employees, whose knowledge and energy will contribute to the company's success.