GEN-I today

One of the fastest growing and most innovative companies on the European energy market, and the first Slovenian supplier of exclusively carbon-free electricity.

Ever since its establishment in 2004, the GEN-I Group has ranked as one of the most innovative and rapidly-growing players on the European energy market. Our presence on a numerous international electricity and natural gas markets, allows us to respond to changes in the local markets in a thoughtful and timely way, ensuring a stable growth of business.

With operations in more than 22 European countries, 16 subsidiaries and 500 experts, we can offer our partners the most advanced trading, retail and purchase services. We help our partners and business customers seize opportunities, create added value, and manage their energy costs and the price risks that arise from the market at any point of the day.

With the awareness of our responsibility for the environment and the impact of the energy sector on the future, we are integrating an increasing number of green practices in our operations. Most important among them is the supply of electricity exclusively from sources that do not generate CO2 emissions. From January 2021 on, we will supply such electricity to all end-customers. The latter can now choose the source from which their electricity is produced. .


Vision: the first choice

Our aim is to be the best choice for all segments of the energy chain – production optimisation, trading and optimisation of energy consumption. We are effectively pursuing the objective by balancing global-trading principles, adapting to the specifics of local markets, using innovative approach, and nurturing long-term partnerships.

Our aim is to be the best example of the green transformation and to prove that the decarbonization of society is possible, even while maintaining growth in operations.

Mission: a reliable partnership

With a professional and innovative approach we effectively trade energy by offering production asset competitive purchase prices and ensuring high quality service, reliable supply and manageable energy purchase costs to end-customers. Through our own example and green decisions, we are leading the way on the path to the green transformation.



Respect is demonstrated by integrating the work of each individual, through willingness to accept the opinions of others and through the active search for solutions that contribute to the pursuit of common objectives.

Responsibility is reflected in a devoted attitude to work, responsibility for their own results and by constantly striving for good common results.

Commitment is part of our corporate culture and is expressed in the employees' attitude towards knowledge, work, co-workers and business partners.

Inclusion is sought in and expected of every employee. It is understood as an active effort to achieve common objectives and taking initiatives for their realisation.

Flexibility is seen as a positive attitude towards changes, and is where we see opportunities for growth.


GEN-I, d.o.o., established in Slovenia, is owned by two shareholders: GEN energija, d.o.o. and GEN-EL naložbe d.o.o.. The two shareholders have equal ownership, i.e. 50% of the company each.

Corporate governance is in line with the rules of single-tier management and takes into account the provisions of the contract concluded between the shareholders and other constituent documents of the Company and the Group: Basic business policy for the period from 2007 to 2016, and a memorandum of association.

GEN-I owns a number of subsidiaries, allowing it to successfully pursue its strategy of expansion to foreign markets.



The GEN-I Group is present on the following markets through its own subsidiaries: Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia. The Group's subsidiaries are fully owned by the parent company GEN-I, d.o.o., except the Turkish subsidiary in which GEN-I holds a 99% ownership stake (with the remaining percentage also being in its indirect ownership).

Subsidiaries have at their disposal the complete infrastructure required to trade electricity and natural gas. The infrastructure required for the sale and supply of energy to end-customers is also in place on eight markets.

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