Trading Partners

Over 200 active trading partners provide GEN-I with sufficient liquidity and numerous sourcing options in wholesale electricity and gas markets. 

We create added value through the entire energy value chain by exploiting optimization opportunities that develop from our global portfolio. By offering our partners flexible services and structured products, customized to their needs, we equip them to manage risks.

The continuous development of skills and our comprehensive knowledge in the field of market and portfolio intelligence keeps us one step ahead of the competition, thereby enabling our partners to benefit from market volatility.

Consistently ranked among the top Central and East European power traders in the Energy Risk Rankings and in 2017 GEN-I was voted 1st in the Energy Risk Commodity Rating in the category Power Eastern Europe, by market participants. This is the most prestigious recognition to date of the excellence of the operations and services of the GEN-I Group, which also recorded remarkable results in the past, after ranking second among Eastern European electricity traders for the previous three years. In addition to the aforementioned success, the GEN-I Group also ranked fourth in the Risk & Energy Risk survey among all European electricity traders this year.

»The key is to maintain a proper balance between global trading and local supply activities, which provides flexibility and allows us to respond in a timely manner to changes in the European energy markets, including the electricity markets of South-Eastern Europe, where GEN-I is recognised as the leading player.«
- Igor Koprivnikar, Ph.D.,
Member of the Management Board

Energy Utilities

We see increased need for expertize in advanced analytics of local market fundamentals and global oversight of wholesale markets, regardless of whether a client is a local or regional supplier. We help utilities to access international markets and minimize their investments in market infrastructure and, more importantly, we support them by providing energy trading solutions and forecasts, based on our understanding of the current market situation, trends and future developments. We do this by drawing from years of experience and the expertise of our knowledgeable trading team.

Electricity Producers

With increasing installations of intermittent renewables and price volatility in short-term markets, asset optimization is becoming more complex than ever, simultaneously opening up new possibilities as well as innovative business models. We support producers to maximize their financial outcomes, and by using our advanced structured services we enable them to benefit from market changes and to capitalize on the under-utilized production flexibilities of their assets.